QBank Question Duplication

I used QBank heavily for L1 and I think it contributed to my pass. I’ve just started back studying for L2 and got the QBank again. After going trough half of the ethics questions, I’m getting more and more angry about the way Schweser puts this together. I think there may only be half of the questions that Schweser claims there to be on the QBank. Many of the questions are very slightly re-worded and more of them just have the answers switched A to B, etc… Lots of the questions in Ethics are word for word from L1 QBank. There were several questions where I didn’t need to read the entire question because I remembered the answer from last year. Also, I see no benefit to purchasing the most recent version since it appears that 95%+ of the questions are unchanged.

doing again and the same TYPE of question helps u retain the concept properly , i know that’s boring but thats the it is done :)))

Ha Ha. SOPC has 7 categories with 22 standards altogether. It does not change from L1 to L2 (or L3). You have basically 50 or so main situations. Everything else is just rewording.