Qbank question

So I’m pretty new to this. When people on here refer to Qbank, do they specifically mean The Schweser Qbank? I plan on getting Elan which comes with a Qbank… Am I at a disadvantage for not getting the Schweser one? Is there any way of getting the Schweser Qbank by itself?

first question - the “Qbank” almost always refers to schweser

second question - www.schweser.com

lol $300 for the qbank alone? That’s incredible.

Are there other places to get the qbank besides direct from schweser? This site looks has it for cheap but it looks pretty shady http://www.schweservideos.com/CFA-Level-1-2012/Schweser-Pro-QBank-2012-CFA-level-1-p54.html I guess I’m only out $40 if it’s fake.

Are there any other options besides shelling out a ton of money for the schweser qbank?

You’ll be alright with the Elan PQs too. Afterall, it most important to do the EOC questions from the curriculum.


There is no other ethical way to get the Schweser material. Remember the designation you are trying to obtain. Also remember karma.

There are pirated copies of the entire material on Ebay that you can buy for $50. It’s your career - you decide.

Hey … did you end up purchasing the 40$ qbank? was it real? I am looking to purchase the qbank too but the one on the schweser site is pretty expensive

No I didn’t end up buying the $40 qbank. I’ve had a bunch of problems lately with weird online purchases. I think the Elan questions will be sufficient.

pirated copies of the entire schweser material aren’t exactly hard to find…