Qbank questions too easy?

are they the same difficulty level as real test? I did quantitative section, that’s how I feel… seems to me that it only checks concept, no fancy tricks, no deep deep logic computation…it’s like teting how much we cover the knowledge at the concept level, but not advanced application level…most questions are solved by 1 logic step…either recognition, or applying fomula correctly… very different than some tests like GMAT, GRE logic, which are at least comprehensive… am i feeling too good"?

Hi Vaneesa, the actual CFA level 1 will test you more on your understanding of the topic/concept. So you should focus on the concept questions more rather then those with tricks. I am preparing for GMAT and CFA at the same time so yea i know it exactly when you mean they are both different. If your concept is strong then you have every reason to feel good!

Here is my list of order of difficulty of questions (again, this is subjective): Concept Checkers - easy Qbank - easy/medium, a little more thought, pretty much just drills in the concepts/calcs Practice Exams Vol. 1 - harder than qbank. Practice Exams Vol. 2 - never did these, but from what i hear they are ridiculously difficult. I also never did any of the CFAI practice tests, which I will probably do this time around. These will obviously be on par with the real exam, and Schweser Vol. 1 practice exams are different (more calc-based) but on par in terms of difficulty with the real exam.

I wouldn’t even do vol. 2 if I were you.

I’d suggest doing 120 question tests in Q-bank including intermediate and advanced questions. Schweser practice exams seem to be unnecessary.

thank you guys! topher, where to find practice exams vol 1? how do you make the Qbank include the intermeddiate and dadvanced question?

Vanessa Intermediate and Advanced questions is one of the options on Test Management in Schweser QBank. Practice Exam Vol 1 would be Vol 6 of the books you received if you have the Schweser Study guides. CP

Thank you CP…