Qbank Release date

Does anybody know when the Schweser Qbank is released for Level 2? I read in one of the threads that it was going to release sometime in October, but I still have not received any notice for it yet.

I received an email from Schweser stating that the last ebooks will be released on 11-12-2015. No mention on QBank,

I guess QBank will not be available until this date.

E-mail Schweser.

Done and done.

What about Wiley? I’m waiting to sign up and it isn’t allowing me to just yet.

I’ve been using my friend’s old notes. She’s got Fitch from 2014 and Wiley from 2015 and i chose Wiley as per her recommendation.

It has served me well so far.

Here’s a response I received from tech support a couple of hours ago (a quote from their mail):

"Unfortunately, the CFA Level 2 products have not yet been released. The Study Calendar and the QBank are do to be released around the end of Oct. to the first two weeks in Nov. "

QBank is out