Qbank Roll Call

How are people doing on the Qbanks? Can cross reference later. Also, I would think the average on this board is higher than the average worldwide, and because the average person fails, we could say that our average is more likely the average to beat in order to pass! I’ve done 611 questions, all questions included, and average at 70%

79 - 2100 Viewed But I hate QBANK, you will see the same question 100 times, stopped using it and stuck with the CFA problems and book 6.

3429 - 81% average


2599 questions, 87%

ali you don’t have to make people look bad in every thread!

70% usage, about 82%

74% - Used 39%.

82% average on about 2400 questions - my worry is still that they are considerably easier than Schweser Book 6 where I am averaging high 60s :frowning: I am seriously doubting being able to pass this Saturday…

84% on about 3100 problems. Mocks and book 6s between 73-78

80% 3100. Qbank just gets painful when u reach about 2000 questions