Qbank, Schweser Study Notes, CFA books, which set of questions will you do?

Ok time is running out. Which questions set will you recommend among the three - Qbank, Study notes or CFA books if one doesnt have time to do all of them? Thanks for advice!

I would say qbank

Having done all three, i’d most definitely say that Qbank is your best bet. I would say it’s a bit easier than CFA’s mock exams, but at least it will embed the basic concepts. Also, it will train you to answer questions with double negatives and ones that play word games with you. All easy questions and easy marks if you read them properly. I personally made many silly mistakes by reading too fast and missing a negative or a key words (least likely, most likely, least likely a disadvantage, advantage, etc). That alone could make it or break it for you during the exam. So i feel that Qbank is your best choice. Good luck.

thanks to both of you! there are past CFA exam questions on the CFA books - any thoughts about those?