QBank Scores?

How you guys faring in Schweser QBank?

…always 80s on 60 questions and 120 question quizzes

Can someone send me QBank Questions?

I have just 5 books and Secret Saucer from Shweser, is Q bank different? Can I crack the exams if I go thru these 5 books only?

You can buy qbank at www.schweser.com Also, book 6 is the Schweser practice exams which you get with the other 5 notes books.

Gave my first test yesterday…66% Have given multiple smaller exams on qbank and gotten an average of 68% i have a longgggg way to go…

snitins Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Can someone send me QBank Questions? Buy it from Schweser. It’s the ethical thing to do.

Hitting mid 80s on most topics, with the exception of quant which needs some work.

If you score 80+ on Q-bank and 70+ on Book 6 you’ll be fine.

is it me or is the CFA Mock exam totally different than QBank?

^ I agree (at least for the sample exam-I haven’t taken the mock yet). Qbank seems much easier. I’ve been getting 70%-80% in qbank exams as well as 75% and 83% on the Schweser Vol 1 Practice Exams 1 & 2. Sample exam I got a 65% with terrible Ethics and Quant.

I started my review about two weeks ago. Initially I was scoring in the high 50’s to low 60’s (range of scores for Qbank, CFAI sample and Schweser Practice exams). The past three tests I’ve taken my scores have been between 66% - 69%. I can’t seem to break that minimum 70% mark. I just have to focus on Ethics and FSA to get myself to a comfortable level. I still have about 4 weeks, so I’m not in panic mode. . .yet, lol.

The focus of the Schweser QBank questions is to grill every tiny detail (in miniature question format) so that you really understand the core syllabus. The CFA samples/mocks/Schweser mocks are the exam sorta standard. Saying that I found that the Schweser mocks are at least 5x harder than the actual paper.

billbelemy22 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > is it me or is the CFA Mock exam totally different > than QBank? Qbank is much easier then even the questions at the end of readings…using it just to check my memory retention - going to use mock/sample to check the understanding!

I find the questions on Q-Bank aren’t really that great. I’m just hoping to find weak areas by using it.