QBank Scores

I’ve read that QBank is not as difficult as the actual exam. What scores on the QBank would translate to >70% on the actual exam? As the exam nears I plan to focus more on the mock exams, but for now I’m wondering if I should be comfortable with >80% or if that’s not high enough.

Seconding this question but for élan guides. just finished all their quant practice questions with scores ranging from 71% up (on each chapter), averaging about 85%. Hoping this is enough because there are some chapters (hypothesis testing!!!) where I know that regardless of my revision, I’m probably not going to improve my score by much…

I was getting 90+ on Qbank, aced the level 1 exam… I don’t recommend you spend much time on Qbank… Questions are easy and each questions is repeated 10 times in a different way… Use it as a tool to check your “BASIC” understanding… Study some more, when you feel ready take a Schweser mock, thats a better performance measure. I took 7 Schweser mocks and 1 elan, scored 80-86 I found the real thing to be very easy

Thanks Gulfcfa. What was your study method (Schweser notes, Secret Sauce, Videos, CFAI Books, etc.)?

I read the CFAI books two times. I enjoyed the readings and loved the fact that I got a super deep understanding. Then I tried to solve questions, I was scoring the same as a monkey! Despite the fact that I understood it all, I did not retain anything out of CFAI books. With that strong CFAI base with me, I moved to Schweser and it was all about retaining then since I had already understood. So I did several passes on Schweser, and they were fast because I understood it all, I just needed to refresh it. I had the Schweser videos, I did not use them at all. They are a very inefficient use of time. Use them for things that you might have a hard time grassping at first sight. Such as deffered taxes. Nothing in Level 1 is hard, in a matter of fact I can go ahead and tell you 95% of the material of Level 2 is not hard. It is all about retention. Put in as many hours as it takes for you to retain the stuff.