qbank scores

just wondering what other people are scoring on Qbank. I’m only averaging about 65%, but just started using it.

I am at 39% used (1023 questions) with 78% score.

I’m through 59% of the qbank and my average score is 71%. That said, the other day, I took a quiz where I got a 47%… others are in the 80s and 90s. Even if I get them wrong, I think its helpful to see what I have not yet grasped and go back and revisit that area of the curriculum.

Are the essay questions in the qbank helpful?

Have not done an essay question yet. However, that is my gameplan for the afternoon. Will let you know.

I’m not sure how representative the Qbank scores are. It depends on how you use it. I used to do the tough questions when I had finished a subject reading to see how well I understood the topic. Unfortunately that means I used up a lot of the tough questions before I had finished the whole of the course. When reviewing the whole course and using the Qbank I sometimes remembered old questions that I had seen before so that inflated my score.

This. Reviewing what I missed was extremely helpful. I typically got sh** scores on Qbank and practice exams, but reviewing those mistakes pays off in the end.

yea my qbank score is building slowly. now average is 72%