Qbank showing gaps of material covered by Schweser notes

I am using Schweser books for most of the topics and I started to work through some Qbank practice problems. I noticed that I’m getting questions that were never covered by Schweser notes. Is this a reason for concern?

I’m using Schweser notes from last year. Do you go back and read these topics in the CFAI?

Some ‘revelation’ is normal for Qbank, I have noticed this at every level. However if you are using last year’s notes there may be pieces of the CBoK that have been changed. You have got to do the CFAI EOC questions no doubt if you are using last yearKs notes. I did this for L1, that year the only major changes were to econ, and I did poorly on econ - so there are likely some holes you will need to fill in with Qbank and the official text…