Qbank tests

Ive been taking 60 question cumalitive tests in the Schweser Qbank and scoring 70% to 80% with intermediate and advanced questions only and CFA topic weighting. Am I in ok shape for the December test? this is my first time taking level 1 so I don’t know what to expect on the real thing or if the Qbank tests are comparative. Thanks

mike1000, i think you are on track. I’d suggest taking longer exams (120 questions) and take a few practice exams. They will give you a better indication.

Definitily take some CFAI tests and Book 6 if possible. Try to simulate the actual test by taking longer practice exams.

I’m doing the same thing now, 60 questions a day. I’m aiming for 85% though as Schweser doesn’t really compare very well to the CFAI exams - CFAI really spreads the questions well and they are very thorough. Definitely practice longer exams also. I’m doing a full mock tomorrow (2 sets of 120 with an hour in between).

I’m in the mid 60’s on qBank questions…am I doomed?

TJR. My advice would be to take a couple of the online sample exams offered by the CFAI. The questions are supposed to be more like the real thing. I took one and found it to be very different from the QBank. A lot less calculation based. If you can do well on those (>70) I would say you’re probably in good shape.

mike1000- I’ve been in the same boat. Doing 60 question QBank tests with either intermediate only or begginer, intermediate and advanced scoring between 70% and 80%. I’m afraid Schewser questions are too “calculation” focused and not “concept” enough focused like the CFAI tests. Anyone else feel the same way? More importantly, anyone have a better way to utilize the Qbank?

I agree that qbank focuses too much on the calculations. Try the CFAI tests.

Thanks guys! Great suggestions…I am going to try the CFAI exams now and book 6 more instead of focusing on the Qbank. Lets try and keep this thread going with everyone trying to hone their skills before the december test.

For those scoring in the 70 - 80 range in the qBank…approx how many question have you done? and were you consistently in that range or did you start getting those scores at say 1,000 completed questions?

I’m starting to figure out more and more that this exam is a concept exam and not a calculation exam. Don’t get me wrong - you still need to know the formulas and how all the variables relate to one another… TJR - I suggest focusing on the concepts, then you’ll start scoring higher on the exams my 2 cents

TJR - I have done Qbank questions and creating tests all throughout my studying. if you add them all up I’ve probably done around 750 questions at least.