QBank too easy?

This is my first year with Schweser. I had previously used Stalla. My question is for those that have used Schweser, do you feel it is worth the time? I’m finding the questions fairly easy despite not being all that confident in my prep thusfar. I remember Stalla’s passmaster questions being much more difficult.

I have been referencing to schweser since level 1. During level II, I was lucky enough to have access to full stalla material + passmaster. For level II stalla questions, I found them quite easy , compared to EOCs and schweser practice exams.

With schweser, the concept checkers are a better reflection than Qbanks (qbanks become less useful after level I); the schweser practice exams are a better reflection than concept checkers.

Schweser questions over all are better used for consolidating concepts.

Qbank is pretty shitty at level 3. I use it solely because it’s the only thing I can alt/tab in and out of at work. But for that, i would never buy it at level 3.

QBank is easy. Mostly useful as a ‘concept checker’ or ‘memory retention’ thing. Not useful as being comparable to the actual exam.

Personally, if I were to do a QBank exam complete, skipping the ‘easy’ questions, I’d feel I failed if I got under 85%.

Seriously, QBank is a complete waste of your time at LIII. It’s in a different galaxy in terms what you are going to see in the actual exam, even the multiple choice section. Rather draw yourself up some flashcards to pin down key concepts, far better use of your time than QBank. Or do some past exams (I did every exam I could lay my hands on about 3 or 4 times).