Given there are only 2 and a half weeks for the exam, is it better to do the CFAI EOC questions or Qbank to solidify concepts?


I did the EOC ethics questions and they did absolutely nothing to prepare me for the practice exam I just tried. Got many questions wrong even on ones I thought I knew the answer for. Don’t have qbank, feeling terrible.

Dont feel bad about not having the Qbank. Its a good practice resource, but not a necessity. Maybe you just had a bad day. Did you read Ethics PROPERLY from the CFAI books? This guy jimmykaw had the same problem as you in November. Search his post history and do what I told him to do. I dont have the time otherwise I would have searched it myself. Dont fret. One day of hard work can help you raise your ethics score significantly. Which practice test did you take? Some of the ethics questions on these tests can be incredibly vague.

Qbank is awesome, i hate the EOC questions. didn’t do any of them and I passed every section w/ >70%. When I did the EOC questions i got bombed on them, but it may just be I just didn’t feel like doing them. The only great thing about the CFAI text was the ethics section/questions. Those are worth doing. Do 3000 questions in the Qbank, write flashcards, review the sections you don’t know. I just found the CFAI text tried to confuse me. If you do the EOC and find that they prepare you well, then go for it. but if you start doin the EOC and you feel you are so lost, just leave them out IMO.