Qbank vs exam section results

Just curious if anyone saw a correlation from total Qbank % right to test results on each section

I know I changed what I studied by looking at this and I’m still at work and can’t check but it seems my highest % right on Qbank was the only section I got less than 50% on . Not trying to blame Kaplan for this, it’s all myself, just wondering how this worked out for other people.


while average scores on Q-Bank were way higher than on mocks and than on exam, the only non-correlating item for me is my Fixed Income result. But already coming out of the exam I felt that FI was very different from what I had expected.

But otherwise pretty much a correlation - though you can never be sure where you scored 51-70 if it was closerto 51 or 70.

Fixed income was very off for me as while. My highest on Qbank and only section I scored less than 50 % on exam

I am curious as to how closely these two are correlated as well.

How much higher were you guys scoring on the Qbank than the mocks? or the actual exam?


I was more curious in did you do well in the same sections on exam as you did on Qbank, not so much on the score because you really can’t compare that imo

@rubustrning as far as mocks go I never got greater than 70% on a 1/2 day moch and got band 10 on exam