QBank vs. Schweser Practice vs. CFAI Practice Exam

I’ve been doing Schweser QBank questions since I started studying and am now generally scoring 75-85% on these for 50 question mocks.

For those who have done the Schweser Practice exams and also the CFAI Practice Exam that is available online, can anyone comment on the differences in level of difficulty between all of these? (i.e. was scoring 80% on QBank, then was getting 65% on Schweser Practice, but CFAI was easy 82%).

Just wondering if I’m on track or if I should be panicking and taking time off work, not doing anything else but study on weekends. I’m afraid of getting complacent about the whole thing at the really wrong time.

on the Qbank… only use the “advanced” questions

-uncheck basic/intermediate

Reprinted a QBank with Advanced only questions (60 questions). Found it a lot harder but still managed a 70% (though I blindly guessed option B on about 10 questions).

Are you saying that the Advanced QBank is like the Schweser Practice exams in terms of difficulty, and also similar to Practice CFAI?

Sorry, I know these types of questions have been done to death on this forum. I’m just trying to get a feel for where I stand in terms of preparation.

For L1. Just keep pounding qbank, it will be enough

focus on the specific LOS that are most dificult… for me it was the various rules of calculating diluted EPS/ and bulding the CF statement… and make sure that by the time the exam comes the “difficult” calculations are a gimme. on the actual tests, the hardest questions for me at least was the ones that did not envolve a calculation… but more than 2 choices “seemed” correct… i basically memorized all 4000 qbank questions and it covers all the possible ways a calculation could be asked…

in the Qbank you can “browse questions” and see every example per LOS…

and guessing works on the actual exam also :slight_smile: