Qbank - What is your process for using the software

Since Schweser’s Qbank software is such a customizable application it would be interesting to hear how everyone integrates this software application into their daily studies. Warren

What are you? A Schweser employee doing some market research? And you posted this lame-ass question on every forum.

I find it most useful to fill in parts of the day with 10 – 15 question exams when I am eating a sandwich at my desk or it’s the end of the day.

Newsuper, Hmmmm…you’re pretty close. I have a Marketing degree from Wharton. It’s a shame I don’t use it. I think it would be lame of me not to post this question on all three forums. Who better to listen to than insightful Level 2’s and 3’s. Warren

One faulty approach to using Qbank is to use Test Management and leave the “Limit Pool Question” setting in Advanced/Intermediate/Basic. Qbank is highly weighted in Basic questions. For instance, at level 1 Study Session 15 there are 284 questions available, Schweser doesn’t tell you how many questions out of those 284 questions are Advanced/Intermediate/Basic. Here is the breakdown…there are 216 Basic Questions (76%), 48 Intermediate Questions (17%), 20 Advanced Questions (7%). So, I believe if you’re setting any exams in Qbank per Test Management and leave the default setting at Advanced/Intermediate/Basic you are NOT going to effectively prepare yourself for the exam(potentially overweighted in basic questions), especially if you do not go through all 4000 plus questions. I believe there are solutions to this problem with some creative thinking. That’s why I started this thread. If you creatively customize this application I believe its a great tool. From a customization standpoint I believe it blows away Stalla’s Passmaster. I’ve used both. Warren

Warren, you are such a geek