Qbank worth it?

I used Qbank extensively in L1, beat the heck out of it, and it really helped. However, end of chapter schweser questions seem to be more 1 off questions as opposed to the vignette format we should be getting used to. Is Qbank structured like the vignettes on the test? or is it all 1 off questions?

I took L2 last year. I don’t think Qbank is nearly as helpful at L2 as it was at L1. However, I would still do a lot of Qbank just to keep all the info in my head. For L2, shift more of your attention to the CFAI EOC questions.

…going back in time to June 7, 2009…the day of despair, all I wanted to do was write a letter to the good folks of schweser and ask for my money back on the Qbank. …but as time passed, cooler heads prevailed and I did buy the 2010 Qbank. This time I am no longer grinding the Qbank 24/7. Couple hours a week at best (…seriously)

Get the QBank but don’t rely on it too much. Its a great tool to refresh on basics, but you need to take exams and the CFAI EOC to really be prepared.