QBank- Worth the Time and Effort?

Just curious how many others are using QBank… Is it worth the time and effort for Level III? Also, what is everyone, who uses QBank, scoring on average/ what is the goal to obtain? Good luck!

not really using it - started on questions last week - not enough time to go through cfai EOC Q, schweser eoc Q, past papers and schweser mocks x7 plus any review of items i’m unsure of…

i may dip into it if i need more practise on areas im struggling on but not sure it will help massively compared to L1 and L2

I’ve been using it a lot over the past few days but I’ve exhausted a LOT of other resources (some, several times over) - this is just a different set of questions.

Thanks for replies. Same here re: exhausting other sources of questions. I have plenty of CFAI EOCs remaining, but very time consuming; may revert to saying answers out loud vs. writing. Ease of QBank is also convenient, just not sure its as relevant as Level I and Level II. Also, my QBank scores for Level III are much higher than they ever were for any other Level. I am hovering around 87-90% consistently. Feel practicing constructed response may be a better use of time…

I’ve used it a good amount for all levels of the exam. I used it more heavily in Feb, March, and April. Now I am doing mock exams on Saturdays with CFAI eocs, note reviews, and qbank during the week.

It’s definitely easier than CFAI problems and Schweser mocks, but not dramatically so.

I’ve done ~1300 and my score is around 85%.

I use q-bank to get study time in generally on the commue to and from work, which can add an extra ~1-1.5 hours a day if I’m efficient. I basically print short quizzes (20-30 questions) for each topic area, and also print the answers. So I just go through the hard copies on the train doing the question, reading the answer and if I got a question wrong, or I didn’t really something, I’ll make a note to review it later. I find it useful, but I don’t really use them for prime studying time - EOC and past exams trump. Did the same for Level II, and for Level I used them during prime study time as well.

Re scores - I havent kept track but I’d say probably in that 80/85% range. They do seem ridiculously easy sometimes…making me question the value, to be honest.