Hello, I’m writing in Dec & just finished reading the Econ book. I just opened the Schweser QBank to look for practice questions, but I’m not sure where to start… they seem to be all over the place. Questions are in “View Curriculum”, “Browse LOS”, “Test Management” & “Browse Questions” Did you guys do questions from each of those sections? And I read something about choosing level of difficulty… is that in test management? Any input on how to make the most out of Schweser QBank would be great! Thanks for your time : )

Go in Test Management, you could choose which section you want to be tested on. It’s pretty good. A good complement with some CFAI exams and book 6

I’ve gone the browse curriculum route… forcing myself to read each LOS, the summary overview, then take the related questions. Really helps drill every concept (…almost every concept… schweser’s a bit light in a few areas).