Are there only 35% questions on Qbank that are either advanced or intermediate? I have been taking exams with advanced and intermediate questions and am not able to take anymore tests with the same question pool. Is this because there are no more questions available with these criteria?

some SS have a limited amount of questions - study session 7 comes to mind, i’ve run into this as well.

hi, thats right , there is a limited pool .how are you scoring by the way

I have been scoring between 70-80%…but feel like need more and more practice wait…so 65% of questions are basic?

Priyanka Wrote: > wait…so 65% of questions are basic? that sounds about right.

Is it worth it to buy the Q bank? I’m using Stalla books and their PassMaster software. However, I would like some more questions to practice. That is the way that I learn the best. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks.

I found Qbank to be very helpful in retaining the concepts…I still have to do Book 6 and Book 7…and am planning to do some more practice exams

If anyone is contemplating getting Qbank contact me first: brianrossman1 at gmail dot com.

Hi Priyanka, i intend to do book 7 only . someone suggested book 7 is tougher then 6. where is your exam center btw

Yea…I am not planning to do Book 7…its confidence breaker My center is Philadelphia

hi, i have done questions from q bank and scored in a range of 70-79% . some soul in this forum suggested me that anything below 80% is not good. so i will follow that bird’s advice and go for a gruelling book 7 one. mock exam will be a true eye opener i am sure have you done any sample exam from cfa