Hi everyone, *Background First, let me tell u something about my background. A final year undergraduate, major in Accounting and Finance in University of Warwick ( it is in UK if u havent heard of it). I have been studying the CFA Curriculum since Sept. ya it was a late start coz my internship fully occupied my time. Well I managed to read all 6 books and did all questions at the back of each chapters ( in fact some questions i couldnt do it so just read and understand). Now came to revise, I started with FSA as i knew it was the part i didnt quite get it. Read the book I more time and then did some questions on Qbank. The first attempt ( 60questions only in FSA), i got 60% and i think it was to get used to the format. On my second attempt, I got 85%. *My problem, I found these questions in Qbank is easier than those on the reading and I am sure if i try doing the qbank, i will get at least >90%). is it a fair presentation of the real test in terms of the difficulty ? those calculations are straightforward enough , some even can guess. I am worried that I am assessing performance from a sub level standard.

i’d suggest taking the free sample exam from CFAI to get a gauge of where you stand.

I know but i am waiting to do it After i have gone through all material again.

well in that case, if you’re getting 85 and better on Qbank, i think your looking pretty good. I agree that it is easier then the exam, but not more then 15 percentage pts easy.

Qbank is nothing compared to the actual exam Wording/way the concepts are tested are totally different

I don’t get this whole ‘worrying if they’re easier/harder than actual exam’ philosophy that seems to exist here. Yeah its great that you’re getting 85% but who cares about that number you’re getting now. My plan is to just do every question I can get my hands on, be it easy or hard. And on the day of the exam I expect it is most likely that some questions will be easier than others and some will be harder. Just do every question you can and judge your perfomance based on your result you get in January!