Is the QBank comprised of questions which tend to be easier than the real CFA? I have gone through the Financial Statement questions and scored between 88% and 92%, and I’m worried these aren’t reflective of the actual. Thoughts?

i’d say they are easier, but not 18-22% easier. with those kind of scores i’d say you are good to go for FSA assuming that 88-92% is over a fairly large sample size.

Qbank is not bad, but it is very different from the real exam. Even if you do not use the CFAI exams, use the exams from Schweser Vol 1 to get a good idea of what you are in for.

I am now consistently getting 80-82% on 120Q Qbank tests… I hope that is a good indicator… Will do Book 6 - Test 1PM test this evening and see how that goes…

i must be the only one on here that hasnt been scoring in the 80s on qbank. im getting the same scores on the qbank questions as i do on the CFAi samples and book 6 exams. im not sure how you can get in the 80s with questions that take 5mins (like some of the qbank FSA questions?)