I feel like I am getting questions I have answered before on Qbank tests in one SS even when I do Not include either previously incorrect/answered questions. Is there anything you can do about not getting the same questions twice or more? Thanks!

Also I have not deleted the tests already taken to exclude them from being included in new test. Have you noticed the same?

yup same thing. It’s basically rendered the tests useless because at least 20% of the questions have been asked before. I just wonder if this is how most people use Q bank here, or if they go into specific topics and do questions. This is less than ideal in my opinion because a big part of simulating the exam is the switching from one topic to another in the same sitting.

Yeah, Schweser seems to believe that using the same question 4 times but changing where the answer appears (A, B, C or D) counts as a new question each time. Corporate Finance, Derivatives, Equities, FI and Portfolio Mgmt are the worst sections for this.

I feel the same for Book 6 too. Theres 1500 pages of material, and over 400 LOS why ask nearly identical questions in each sample exam. FSA has terrible coverage in those samples, how many times must diluted EPS be calculated !!

I agree… I have run out of new questions on qbank for some topic areas (i.e. alternative investments)… So can’t get a test of all new questions at this point. I just hope repeating questions I got wrong before will eventually teach me how to solve them. :slight_smile:

What are you guys doing apart from the QBank?