Guys - I am pretty new to the forum. I am in the accounting field, trying to get into the finance industry. Not many ppl I know are taking their CFA exams. So I feel this a good place to interact with other candidates. I am using the 08 version of Schweser - can anyone tell me if I can buy the 09 Qbank from Schwezer seperately and if so how much does it cost. from seeing all the posts, it seems like Qbank is money in the review stages. I have Book 1 to finish up this week and then on the review! Onward!

I paid $360 something, but you should definitely capitalize on that one! All the best.

You can get the online + download version for $299. http://www.schweser.com/cfa/products/schweserpro.php

WHat is the difference between download and online versions…and there is the CD version as well…I was about to put in my credit card details but I thought why not first check up the differences. Called Schweser - and the girl I talked to had no clue!!! - happens in a call center… My specific query was if I do it online, and what if my laptop crashes, and I have to use my other laptop, can I do that? The answer I got was that I have to prove that my computer has crashed and they will RESET ‘something’ and only then I can do the Qbank on my other computer…what rubbish…at this time before the exam, I do not have time to prove!!! If I can get answers to these, I will sign up today itself. Kindly advise…