Anyone topped 3,300 questions?

what? I thought they have 2600 in total.

Jeez Im barely over 1k

i did about 750 of them a while ago… but i really think they are pointless… it really only helps for level 1… i averaged 79% on them, tried to set up Advanced only quizzes, but the questions were ridiculous…

I think I’ve done about 50, but I’m gonna start banging through some in the next eight days. Mainly gonna do behavioral finance, econ concepts, etc…things that have lists and require memorization, just to drill them into my head. Not gonna use it for any “problems” (like swaps, currencies, etc.).

I finished the whole thing, however many q’s that was.

i thought it would be useful for ethics and gips - however just did some of the questions and they are about as useful as a chocolate teapot

I think they are entirely useful for all levels if you take the time to read through all the incorrect answers each time. It has been my main focus each level. At level 2 everyone was saying it was only useful for level 1. At level 3 everyone says only useful for level 1 and 2. However, if you see a concept that many times or do a practice question/calculation that many times asked in various ways…it is going to stick. imo Aimee nice to see you. I think you took the level 1 and 2 during the same time as me.

That’s right… hopefully this will be the last year either of us have to go through all of this! :slight_smile: PS I thought they were useful but more in the beginning when I was just trying to get concepts down. I wouldn’t use them in lieu of the various CFA practice questions available to us, though… the samples, mocks, and prior year exams are much better imo.