now i got tons of use out of this thing at L1 and L2, but i am feeling ripped off at L3 - not nearly enough questions, and there is alot of topics they seem to leave out.

I recommend the advanced Q’s only (vignettes). Also hit up the essay tests. You’re right. There isn’t much, but its good practice for between exams.

Agreed, its usefulness is less each level, but it still serves it’s purpose of drilling stuff into your head. It’s great to keep the curriculum fresh in your head by doing a 60 question quiz every other day or so

yeah, i’ve finished the curriculum twice - first read basically nothing stuck, second time a little more stuck - i’m going to do nothing but tons of Qbank questions for about a week and a half to just drill in the points into my skull keeping a running list of the stuff i need to go back and review (which is f’n long) - last 2 weeks will be heavy on essays. Giddyup…

Qbank is too easy. The vignettes is visually too troublesome as I have to scroll the screen up and down so many times that I get a headache just answering a few vignettes. Schweser is a letdown for L3. Lousy notes, terrible videos, overly simplified Qbanks. I haven’t gone through the Practice Exam paper yet. Hope that it is not another junk.

my assessment after having used schweser at all 3 levels is that for quantitative heavy stuff, they are great - CFAI texts get long winded, and if i need to memorize the formula, just gimme a formula and a couple examples. Schweser is really good at pulling out that BS and giving you some basic examples to get the concept. qualitative type stuff though, they seem to do a pretty bad job with - they leave things out, and i feel there are times they could use more “plain english” in their notes that they don’t seem to use. Since L3 is a lot less plug & chug, their program is alot less useful

Hi guys. I am doing Level II at the moment. Is it possible to purchase the QBank without purchasing the entire Schweser packages?