Anyone know how many total Qs there were for LIII 2007?

For this year, there were once just over 3000 questions, but they reduced to about 2950 or so at the end, for some reason.

2950!!! and the end-of-chapter questions… and Scwheser Book 1-6 and two Practice Exam Books … and the readings!!! 600 hours for sure

How do they have so many more questions than Stalla (800?) Stalla does count their essay questions (4-6 parts) as 1 question but it’s still a much higher # Are these questions current? I’m assuming the book questions are part of the 2800? Anyone use both Qbank and Passmaster and can compare the strengths/weaknesses?

Note many of those questions on Qbank are basic/intermediate questions. Those look like level 1 questions, so they are to solidify your memory, rather than to practice for exam.

yeah, many of them are like CFA I, eg. there are so many questions on calculating Sharp ratios, treynor, M2, jensen’s alpha, these simple ones will never show in the exam, only to solidify your memory and a good sense about your self. so be careful even if you are good at Schweser Q bank, doesnt mean you will do good in the real exam

So they basically leave alot of their level 1 & 2 stuff in there… I mean that is a huge difference in # of questions