How is everyone doing on Schweser Qbank questions? What are you getting on your weak areas? Do you notice a significant score drop on advanced questions?

some of them are tough. but some of the advanced questions are just a lot to read. I usually skip to the question to see what i’m looking at… i’m doing good on ethics, not good on quant (hypothesis testing stinks) and ok on FSA…

That’s interesting. Ethics has been my toughest section. I have been scoring in the 70s and am starting to break into the 80s.

I am only working advanced questions, to me it makes little sense to give myself a false sense of preparedness by doing anything less than advanced. I am still scoring in the 60’s and 70’s in most sections. Ethics and derivatives seem to be easy money for me at this point… The rest? Still need plenty of work. Do folks recommend those cfai $50 sample exams when they become available? I have heard that they are closer to the actual level 1 exam…in both format and types of questions… Anyone concur with that? (sample exams) Thanks.