Qs at end of reading - CFAI notes

Currently, I am reading FSA from CFAI and Schweser notes. The questions at the end of each reading in CFAI books are cumbersome and long compared to schweser questions. Which is more representative of the actual exam - long questions at the end of CFAI notes or relatively shorter conceptual questions in schweser ? How do you guys use schweser question bank ? Create an exam and do questions or browse questions through each LOS ? I am still scrambling on what is the most appropriate way to practice questions after reading. Please Advise !! Thank you all in advance !!

The questions at the end of FSA sections are really comprehensive ways to test your full understanding. The questions on the exam have to be multiple choice, so they’re far simpler (though not easier) in structure. Rather than compute a full financial statement impact for capitalization of a lease, you’ll need to answer something like “what is the CFF at inception”. The FSA questions are in stark contrast to the very simple econ questions in the CFAi texts… those are incredibly simplistic, as you’ve probably noted.