Hey, I am just about to start doing the CFAI tests online I just want a heads up. is it true you can’t go back to any question? Cos if that’s the case I’m taking screenshots because I need to be able to go back and look at q’s I get wrong. Also is this the case for both the sample test and the mock exam? Thanks

The Sample Exams (120 questions) you can go back and check at the end, also you might want to try to hit Ctrl+A and paste it in to word for each question, a little birdy told me this works well.

how long does each sample exam take to do? How many sample exams are there? How many mocks are there?

da0618 - so you can actually copy-paste mock exam questions ? … I heard that they disable cntrl c functions during the test ? Cntrl+A did work for you ? is there a way they can find it out that you used cntrl+A. I am gonna give test in few minutes. But I am scared to copy the questions.

I highly doubt they can find out AND/OR prove that you used copy/paste…you could probably sue them for slander if they even accused you of it.

Just finished the free sample exam. Wasn’t too bad 67%… But the feedback at the end is sht to say the least. Thanks for the copy and pasting tip, works a treat… Lucky I did that as I have a list of all the ones I got wrong… make it much easier to go through!

Just make sure you are careful on time i tried but i did not know that there is atime limit so i did not finish and i panicked alot naturally i score a miserable 56% poor me.