Qualifications for Entry-Level Job in Equity Research

Okay so I just sat for the Level 1 CFA in December, no clue if I passed or not (honestly I think it’s a 50-50). I have two years work experience at a Private Equity Fund of Funds - so I don’t have any direct investment experience, or any significant experience building financial models. I have a strong background in researching/writing about macroeconomic developments as they relate to natural resource/commodity markets. As a part of my job, I listen in to the quarterly calls of key public companies in the natural resources space. I’ve taken some pre-MBA courses so I know some very very basic modelling. No series 7. Mediocre academic record with a non-finance major from a top 30 University. I will be relying largely on my friends around my age (24) who work at various banks/ibanks to network. Can I get an entry-level job in equity research?

What can I do to make myself more qualified? Any guidance would be much much appreciated. Thanks a ton

My man Numi has Q and A about this. Read it.


Probably little to no chance on the sell side. They want a top B school or academic distinction on their brochures. Much better chance on the buy side. Do what you’re doing and network like crazy. There are also analyst development programs out there you might want to check out. Wells Cap advertises for them every once in awhile.

You should listen to my main man CFAvsMBA – he knows what he’s talking about.

Got two links for you:

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Thanks a lot for your help guys, I really appreciate it.

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