Qualified work experience related to CFA charterholder requirement

Hi guys,

one of the requirement is to:

“Complete work experience requirements before, during, or after participation in CFA Program. Your experience must be directly involved with the investment decision-making process or producing a work product that informs or adds value to that process.”

so may i know what are the related career that i can pursue if I were to look for a job now?

Thank you.

Portfolio manager or investment analyst. But you’ve gotta become a superstar.


Superstar? like how? Some sort of involvement?

Literally anything. You could be a lion tamer at a circus and still get credit. Just need to properly frame it.

"Lion Tamer - 50% building a portfolio of hoop jumping, ball riding, head engulfing (but not biting) lions to tame. Manage risk through training and through the management of regular and predictable mealtime for the lions. Maximize returns for the given risk by teaching the lions to also jump through flaming hoops attracting bigger crowds with shock and awe. 40% running away from the lions in a circular cage; 10% entertainment.