Quality of Schweser Qbank

Hi guys,

I did all end of chapters practice problems of the CFAI program curriculum and I started doing the Schweser Qbank. Until now I answered 757 questions of a total of 2017 questions, but the more I answer the Schweser Qbank the more I get the felling that those are not good questions to practice. There are so many questions that are written in a bad way and I wish to know if I’m the only one thinking that. So, for you guys that are using the Schweser Qbank, what are your thoughts?

Ps: I liked a lot the Schweser books, my only problem is with the Qbank.

I like Schewser but the qbank is pure junk.

I think context is important. Any problems from CFAI are the gold standard. I think the Schweser Qbank is decent for what it is - a way to quickly spot check yourself and to identify areas of weakness to study further. Does it compare to CFAI questions? Absolutely not, but I’ve still found it helpful. Also, I feel like I can identify poorly written questions in the Qbank while I am doing them so I don’t waste time on them.

So . . . you answer only the three that are left?

(Sorry, but you have to admit that you lobbed a fat one right over the middle of the plate. :wink:)

Well done, sir!