Quality v. Quantity

So I have gone through the Schweser notes, done the AM sections of the 09/10/11 exams, and I am about 2/3 through the EOC/blue box examples in CFAI. I have access to the nearly 2K Q’s (or so) in the Schweser Qbank/exam book; assuming I finishing the remaining EOC in the next week or so, what is the AF consensus on the best course of action? Venture into the Schweser material or continue to drill down the CFAI EOC? I’m leaning towards the latter in all honesty, seemed to work for L2.


I would focus on the CFAI EOC/Bluebox examples over the Schweser material. I would also re-do the AM Exams and PM mock too.

Thanks for the feedback. The more I think about it, the more it seems to make sense to stick with the CFAI material. That being said, anybody feel otherwise? …trying to do as many problems as possible regardless of the source?

my 2 cents…stick as much to source material …for test readings example etc …this willl be enoguh for a pass

I would say stick with the CFAI material as well. I just finished with the last of the EOC’s yesterday and I am glad I spent more time with it this year as compared to last. I would say if you have the time, maybe take two runs through the CFAI material.

I prepared notes from Schweser and have being going through to CFA notes to check anything that I missed, and learn how to answer the questions.

Only concern that I have is that there are obviously some areas that are not tested in the EOC - but it seemed the same at L2 and I didn’t feel that there were any surprises come exam day. I guess I would like to think that the CBOK presented in the EOC is somehow favorably weighted on the actual exam - but who knows - perhaps even though it’s not explicitly covered the nuances are reinforced in other topic areas.

I’m in a similar boat as I’ve read through Schweser and done the EOC’s of the Institute’s curriculum. I’ve actually started reading the curriculum books to round things out, as re-doing the EOC’s is effective, but you are inevitably going to remember some of the answers which to some degree decreases the quality.

There are far worse problems to have.

I’m in the same boat, I ahve answered every EOC and Im like, what now? Last Year I did the EOC’s twice and the schweser once, band 8 fail…

I also did all CFA AM’s…

I think this year Im doing both the Schweser and CFA Mocks…I guess Im gonna redo the EOC’s and Blue Boxes…

It’s got to be disheartening, but nothing you can do except continue to plug. Did you find the holes in your AM from last year?

I havent looked over last years exam yet…

I would start there. It was enlightening for me.

How many full AM/PM CFAI exams are there? I havent spent much time looking…I know there should be an '09,'10,'11 am on the website, but how many pm’s can I get too?

I guess the PM’s can be found in the form of the 2 sample exams and the mock exam on the CFAI website. Not sure to what extent I will search for material after I complete those. As stated aboove I will likely continue with the examples and EOC’s.

On a side note, does anyone have a copy of the CFAI mock exam from last year?