Has anyone else noticed the quality of posters/posts plummeting lately? Not that I’m that seasoned here, or some kind of genius, but the level of asininity of some of the posts has gone through the roof. It seems like a lot of people have come out of the woodwork lately that really don’t have anything worth saying. Just reading the latest JDV post, I can see people trying to rebuff him that don’t appear to have the slightest knowledge of economics or finance. I’m usually not a snob, but sheesh…wait until you can make a contribution before you start posting random senseless remarks. I was content to sit on the sidelines for a while before jumping in.

I’ll second that. This forum is usually pretty good for investment perspective/current opinions. If you don’t have something worthwhile to share try not to clog the forum with it. This thread subject is an interesting parallel to what I read yesterday on a separate site concerning the number of people who are coming out with independent investment advice right now. Let’s just not sink to that level! :slight_smile: http://www.iwillteachyoutoberich.com/blog/morons-who-dont-know-what-theyre-talking-about Excerpt (sorry for the caps): “LISTEN VERY CLOSELY PLEASE. JUST BECAUSE SOME PEOPLE ON THE INTERNET TOLD YOU TO INVEST IN A “HOT” SECTOR LIKE ENERGY DOES NOT MEAN IT’S RIGHT. IT MEANS THEY WATCH TOO MUCH TV. JUST BECAUSE PEOPLE TELL YOU TO HOLD YOUR MONEY IN CASH DOES NOT MEAN THEY’RE RIGHT. IT MEANS THEY ARE SCARED AND IRRATIONAL AND DON’T UNDERSTAND HOW INVESTING, COMPOUND GROWTH, AND DIVERSIFICATION WORK OVER THE LONG TERM. ALSO, HAVE THESE PEOPLE EVER READ A BOOK? HAVE THEY EVER HEARD OF “ASSET ALLOCATION” (WHICH IS RESPONSIBLE FOR 90%+ OF YOUR RETURNS)? OF COURSE NOT! IT’S EASIER TO JUST POST WHATEVER SEEMS TO BE A “GREAT INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY.” KILL ME NOW.”

realize that it’s mid september right now. things should pick up soon.