Just curious if anyone here uses the datasets from Quandl (either free or premium)? If so, what are your thoughts on the usefulness of their datasets and the ease of their integration with various platforms like R, Python, Excel, Ruby, etc.?

I used to use the free data sets in Excel. The platforms exists for ease of integration – I never had any problems

I really like using Quandl with python for some market symbols that I can’t get so easily from Yahoo…and the python quandl module makes it pretty easy to just import data direct into a Pandas DataFrame. For example, getting daily gold data in to my script is as easy as:

import quandl gold = quandl.get(“WGC/GOLD_DAILY_USD”, authtoken="???hidden???",start_date=“2013-01-01”)

I can then use and manipulate it just like any other Pandas DataFrame.

Top banana in my opinion!

whats a panda?

yo, easy enough to extract into an R data frame and do whatever you want with them.

I think they have a code template on their site as well.

Pretty darn useful data sets

Pandas is “the Excel of Python” – essentially all of the data manipulation tasks (and more!) that you might perform within Excel can be done within Pandas.

thanks man.

that explanation takes it to a whole new level lol

using ms products as the gold standard is genius!