Am I late to the party or has all the BSD data guys discovered this gift from Lord Shiva?


Over 9 million free datasets. All uniformly formatted and easily exported via API, Excel Plugin, or several other methods.

Thanks for the link. I was messing around for a half hour earlier and it makes it really easy to get some very useful time series.

I’d seen this before and was impressed, but forgot the site name. Thanks for reminding me.

I wish Intrade was still around. Published data is available from many sources (although most are probably not as free and comprehensive as Quandl). However, Intrade offered market odds for many important events whose probabilities are hard to infer from other sources.

Yea, Quandl is trying to be the Wiki of data. Very little of it’s data is self produced, rather it gathers data in a standardized format from all sources its users point it towards. If you know how to calculate those probabilities based on data Quandl could observe, then you could tell them how and create it for them (like wiki)

I always doubted Intrade was a deep enough market to be of any real value.

Anyone know where I can get corporate bond data (interest rates) sorted by credit rating and time to maturity?

I’d go to Morningstar, Mergent, or Bloomberg to look.