Quant (1) vs Quant (2)

Just finishing up Quant (1) for level II which includes Linear Regression, Multiple Regression, and Time Series. It was over 200 pages in the CFA text, and Schwesser had about 400 questions for Quant (1).

Now looking at Quant (2) and there are about 160 pages in the CFA text including Machine Learning, Big Data, and Scenario Analysis but Schwesser only has about 40 questions on it.

So, how important is Quant (2), is it worth reading all of the CFA text or should I just go through the Schwesser Notes?

Your thoughts please?

Machine learning and big data are new readings, so they haven’t had a lot of time to write questions; they’ve had years to amass questions on regression and time series.

Also, Schweser has only two esses, not three.

Thank you. Then I will take it just as seriously and not just brush over it.

Good plan.

I need to read through the machine learning and big data, then try to figure out what sorts of questions they might ask. Glorious times!