Quant, are they going to have us calculate covariance, correlation, variance?

The test isn’t going to require us to calculate covariance, correlation, variance by giving us a bunch of numbers? I think that would take too long. I took a look at the end chapters problems and they do have us calculate those numbers by giving us certain data like mean, or the sum of the numbers-mean.

Of course thats possible. ANYTHING is possible.

Less likely i think. My opinion is that they will ask question about the relationship between all the jargons.

I think that if there are problems like that at the end of the reading, then we should not be surprised to see very similar problems on the actual exam. However, calculating covariance seems more like a Level I type of question. Level II should require more thought. So personally I would not expect to see a question like that, but I would gladly do this type of problem is they gave it to us.