Quant Help in beantown

Hi Guys, I wil be taking level 1 again in december with a band 10 score from June 2008 I BOMBED quant, and I think that was a major reason why I failed. I was looking to see if anyone wanted to start a study group mostly focusd on quant from now till December in Boston or does anyone have any other materials that could help? It’s mostly probability and Hypothesis testing Let me know if your interested

I can drop you some quant(probability specific) pdfs if you like. Cheers, Nash

Nash, send them this way too. Thanks.

Nash, Could you please send them to me too? TIA

Nash, Could you please hook a brother up!!! perea.cesar@gmail dot com I appreciated!

Will you send to me as well? Do you need my email address, or how do you send? Thanks! sas1999 at hotmail.

Nash, I’ll join the chorus… send them my way as well! Pauls234 at yahoo Thanks!

Nash, It would be great if you could send them to me as well! alejandarg@gmail.com Thanks!

Nash, could you send it to me as well. tang_jialing at hotmail.com THank you so much

Please Nash, to me too gossipescu@gmail.com. Thanks!

Could you please send it to me aswell. My email is kai_destiny (at) hotmail (dot) com. Thanks!!

@Manavecplan: Can I have it too, please? email: philiptran617@gmail.com Thank you very much. @beingthatguy: I live in Boston, maybe we can get together and discuss Quant.

Hi Nash, could you send the pdf to me too… gytrij@yahoo.com thx a ton

Hi Nash Could you please send me the pdft too. ricky_hai@hotmail.com Thank you very much

Hi Nash, Please send them my way too, pdudecfa@gmail.com Thanks!!

Hey Nash Please send them to me too! huntleypaige@hotmail.com Thanks!!

Has anyone actually received anything? I have not…

I know this song. This will keep going for a while!

Yep, this sounds familiar. at any rate count me in for the notes. michaelacaine@hotmail.com

Me too please Nash! danielk1978@yahoo.com.au Thanks :slight_smile: