Quant - Hypothesis testing (how deep to study?)

Studying quant, some of these test for statistical significance on things regression coefficients (which has two two-tailed tests? correct me if I’m wrong here), confidence intervals for predicted values, F-tests, etc Is this like level 1 where you were “encouraged” to study chi-square and F-Tests, but in actuality were rarely if ever tested? If this has been posted already I apologize, my seaches yielded no results.

those tests are somewhat basic IMO…like testing significance of b0 and b1…those are some of the simplest formulas in the CFAI text…easy points to me. i would imagine a vingnette is going to ask the significance of those or global and then autocorrelation stuff and then drawing some conclusions. i always struggle with hypothesis testing but believe it or not stalla has helped tremendously for me.