Quant is killing me

Is there anyone out there who is struggling to understand this section? I look at a quant vignette and go blank. It looks like an alien language. I have considered skipping and hoping for the best, but I am too close for comfort on the other topics. However, when I focus on quant, it seems like a waste of time, as I go nowhere. Just curious if anyone sees the same when they see a quant problem on the practice exams…I’ve thought about getting a tutor to explain the basics, but it seems a bit late at this point. The Schweser VCDs don’t do much good either…Oh well, just venting I guess.

if there is anything you really should know for the exam is the ANOVA table and how to calculate variables it they are missing. also understand what each line represents; and the t-calcs. understand the f-calc and how to caluclate the f-critical. if you can do that and also know some of the vocab you’ll be half way there. don’t lose a lot of time on time series although im of the opinion that WILL be on the exam this year.

Thanks for your post. I’ll take the advice.