Quant - Pls Explain

“The F-test assesses how well the set of independent variables, as a group, explains the variation in the dependent variable.” “The coefficient of determination, R Squared, can be used to test the overall effectiveness of the entire set of independent variables in explaining the dependent variable.” Are these two statements not saying the same thing? How can you differentiate them? Also, is it accurate to say Adjusted R Squared is more reliable than R Squared?

Well, F-test is a test of significance. Whether those variables really do matter, while r-squared says how well they matter. Yes I would say adjusted r-squared is more reliable than r squared.

off the top of my head, they basically say the same thing. however, when assesing, you must also check the t-stats. i think its multicolinearity that causes the R squared and F-test get distorted adjusted r-squared takes into consideration of the number of independant varaibles…