Quant - Probabilities

I’m struggling with the Probabilities section of Quant. I’ve spent two-three wks on this section and i’m having a hard time grasping the material. Should I move on to Econ and try to come back to this later? Or, should I stay here until I get it? is there material later in the curriculum that will better help me understand this section? any suggestions would be appreciated…

I would move on to another section and come back to probabilities fresh. I’ve always found this to help.

aarguello, Move on to econ. You may want to make a flash card or two with some formulas or concepts of probability to look at now and then, but I think moving on is the best thing to do. Though I get all of the concepts in quant, I had some struggles with solving some of the more involved problems without referring to formulas or what have you. I moved on, and economics totally refreshed me and brought my confidence back. I’ve been using flashcards for some of the formulas I had stuggled with and I feel like when I sit down and review quant (probably this weekend) it will be a lot easier. If you are not a math nerd, it can be a lot to handle when you are looking at it every single day. At least it was for me.

what particular probability section(s) are you having trouble with? this might make it easier for others to help you for now i would move on

Probability stuff is not necessary for econ so you can move on for now. Also get a hold of a basic probability textbook. That will go into more detail than Schweser material. This you you’ll have a deeper understanding and less dependence on memorizing the formulas.

This is great feedback! Thank you all so much.

let me know what stuff you are finding difficult to understand

I had the same question a little while back - I didn’t completely understand everything in Quant & was wondering if I should spend more time on it or move on. Everyone suggested just moving on & it was good advice! I moved onto FSA (bc I did Econ first) & it was a really good change from Quant. So just continue going through the cirriculum but make sure you go back later to review. Oh & post questions if there are any specific areas you have problems with. Good luck!

post the questions you have trouble with. Once you are walked through a couple of examples, you build the confidence yourself to tackle such questions on your own in the future. Statistics / Probability portion tends to confuse and trouble folks who have not been exposed to the material, but once you are guided through a couple of problems it becomes easier to comprehend. CP

i find techincal analysis , booring and tricky. could anyone suggest wat kind of questions could be expected from that topic and how many

Thank you all for your good advices. I feel more confident after reading your comments. You are all so kind. I also get some difficulties in this section of Quant. I do hope all you experts will feel free to help me.

I would definitely go back to Quant a few weeks before the exam and really do a lot of practice questions you can find on the material. I focused on the harder sections and passed all of them but bombed the Quant section and ended up in the 10 bolinger band of rankings. Very sad some stupid statistics questions brought me down. If you check out ioffer.com they sell the Schweser Test Bank CD for $20 bucks… in addition to every other book Stalla and Schweser for fractions of the price they try to rob us of. The test bank CD was the most helpful thing ever because you can make 120 question exams over just what your weak areas are. I only started using it 2 weeks before and kicked myself in the butt afterwards. Taking one and checking the answers and reviewing it takes more than 3 hours each full 120 question test. I have a vendetta against Quant and I am going to crush the December Exam because after all the nervousness and hype the exam itself was just a long finance test.

you are not alone, i am having problem with probability too :s. still read reading 10, can’t wait to start econ.

Guys I am in the same boat Failed June 2008 band 10, failed quant and still F**** pissed about it anyone from boston who would want to start a group?

Come to think of it, I got stuck on quant for L1 as well, even though I aced stats in college. I think it was the way the Schweser book was teaching it that I wasn’t getting it. Anyway, I circled back a few weeks later and grabbed a stats text book to help out. It clicked that night.