Quant Quest

I remember seeing something like this on Mock1 I did earlier today. When solving a probability with no historical data for it, is it: a) priori b) empirical c) subjective d) objective I just answered a) priori Any insight or explainations, pls and thank you,

a priori - Formal Reasoning Empirical - Analysis of past data Subjective - Personal Judgment Objective - N/A I would imagine a priori is correct.

Perfect thanks, ya that’s basically exactly how I deducted it but wasn’t sure - never seen a q like that before.

The answer could be c) subjective. A prior probability is usually determined using formal reasoning and inspection, like quantitative analysis. I’d lean towards c)

The CFAI answers point to letter C.

Yes, it says “this is a subjective probability.” bpdulog Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > The CFAI answers point to letter C.

Thanks guys, is there a way to view the mock 1 and 2 answers? Thought you were just given your score and a breakdown?