Quant Question. Please clarify..

The number of days a particular stock increases in a given five-day period is uniformly distributed between zero and five inclusive. In a given five-day trading week, what is the probability that the stock will increase exactly three days? A) 0.167. B) 0.333. C) 0.200. D) 0.600. The correct answer was A. If the possible outcomes are X:(0,1,2,3,4,5), then the probability of each of the six outcomes is 1/6=0.167. I don’t understand what exactly is the question. Can anybody clarify? Many thanks in advance…

Uniform distribution of days of increases so P(1 day)=P(2 days)=P(3 days)… = 1/6 because of 6 possible outcomes

Thanks. I understand it now.

This is as stupid a question as exists. The number of days in a given 5-day period that a stock increases is binomial. To make it uniform, you need days to be very dependent in ways that are antithetic to the whole curriculum. Please disregard question.