quant self test score :(

just did the 15 question schweser self test on quant and have had a serious reality check. up until now ive been scoring reasonably well in qbank tests etc (high 50s to 60s which i expcet is the norm this far out), but i just got 30%. has anyone else done that and found it really tough? i think im going to hate quant in the exam

well 15 questions is hardly enough to judge… but if your having trouble, post questions. If it makes you feel better, 2 months ago Quant was my worst topic, now its probably my strongest.

50-60 isn’t too hot for qbank, even the first time through. You are probably not understanding the material well enough.

I don’t think that’s a particularly helpful comment! Yeah 50-60 isn’t good enough to pass but you still have about 7 weeks. Plenty of time for review and improvement. If you’re finding quant hard, I would do a bit more work on it until you are getting more like 50%, then move on, do some other bits, then come back to it. I think getting too hung up on weak areas will mean you let yourself down in other areas by not focussing on them too. Keep going, and don’t give up!

thanks bexter. most of the other topics im doing ok on but jut struggling with quant. are you an oz CA by chance? not many people from the UK are CAs - mostly cima etc

like ive said many times, it doesn’t matter how you are scoring on Qbank. I personally never scored higher than a 60, and my roomate who passed never scored higher than in the high 50’s and we both passed. We both studied very similarily, just read schweser twice and took every qbank question. Good luck buddy!

I’m not sure what you mean to be honest. My qualification is CIMA, but that is still a Chartered (Manangement) Accountant. I’m not ACA though if thats what you mean? At this stage I think quant is ok, mostly I’ve done before, but I am most worried about quant when it gets to L2 and 3, because I think out of all the topics it has the potential to get the hardest!!

q bank is easier than real exam. do the problems in the CFAI books and you should be fine. I found those to mirror what I saw on Level 1.