Quant/Stat supplement?

Hi all, Seems I’ve purged all of my knowledge from level 1 when it comes to quant. I’m struggling with even the most basic test stat and regression stuff. What I was wondering is if anyone has used any books or materials (outside of the cfa-specific stuff) to fortify their stats and/or quant skills, and whether it’s been worthwhile. Thanks in advance BB

I just reviewed a few of my Level 1 Stalla notes to remember a few of the basics.

I hear you Bilo. I feel pretty good about Multiple Linear Regression but the Time Series I find pretty challenging. My usual outside resources are college friends who majored in Statistics and also I google a lot of stuff. Also I look at Schweser and CFAI and Stalla as each has different methods of explaining the material. Also there are a lot of knowledgable people on this forum so if you ask specific questions I am sure you will get some great responses.

Practice makes perfect, especially for Quant. You need to get the hang of working with the formulas and so on. The concept is clear, the way of getting there with the rules provided requires some experience.