quant - update / thoughts

not sure how many AF’ers have completed quant yet, however I breezed through the first two readings of quant on simple and multiple regression. I generally understand the concepts and formulas and qbank end of LOS questions cleared up any misgivings. Started time series last night and completed this afternoon, wow…just wow are my thoughts. There is a lot there and currently I feel like I was in a boxing match where my brain took the brunt of the punches. It is quite brutual and I will work on it for another 2-3 hrs tonight before I can even claim to say I know 60-70% of it. Tomorrow will start FSA… goal ----> FSA completed to november end.

I also found Quant brutal… Although it is my weakest subject…

I am finishing up time series right now. I actually read the CFAI chapters on quant about a month ago, but didn’t really understand anything. Then with Schweser I read quant again, and did problems. The 2nd time around the simple and multiple regression readings went by fine, but then time series was confusing again. I would say I understand the basics, but once they start getting into the AR models, covariance stationarity, unit roots, etc. it gets confusing again.

When I took level 2 last year, there was only 1 vignette (6 questions) on quat. I would venture to say that since time series was moved from level 3 to level 2 last year and was not tested, that it will be tested. Thank gosh i will not have to study quant this year!

Time series is going to be hard. I think I ended up looking at it 5 times last year. I finally had it before the exam and then the actual test had us calculating covariance or something like that.

Quant rapes me every time