Hey guys, when do you use a one tailed test versus a two tailed? I always get them mixed up. As you can tell, quant is my worst subject Thanks,

If it’s “not equal to” its a two tail test. If its “greater than/less than/greater than or equal to/less than or equal to” its a one tail test.

2 tailed --> when H0 = x 1 tailed --> when H0 > or < x i’m so not a quant. but that is how i understand it.

When null hypothesis = X -> two-tailed null hypothesis > (or one-tailed

Thanks guy for all your help!


when using the Ftest to determine the relevance of a regression we always use the one tailed test right? and I assume the value calculated needs to be over the upper value of the interval?

If Fcalc > Fcritical then at least one of the coefficients is sig. different than 0

cool thanks deep quant is my weak section - it’s strange i find it kinda interesting just did not have enough time to put into it

no probs, I just find it hard to remember all the Null hypothesis for each one. I find it interesting too and if I had the time I would read a lot more of it too.